Adapters for Live View Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Thank you for considering OSC Adapters.  Our adapters are only for live view interchangeable lens cameras.  The live view enables accurate focusing and the removable lens gives us direct access to the camera sensor.  This sensor access greatly reduces the complexity of the adapter to a tube or a tube with a single lens.  Also, we advise the use of cameras that have USB ports and driver software to enable computer control of the camera.  Such cameras are made by Canon and Nikon.

We can provide complete systems as shown in Figures 1-5.  A system would comprise of the microscope, adapter, camera and auxiliary displays to fit your specific requirement.  Or we can simply upgrade your microscope with an adapter that may be selected by clicking on Adapters/Systems. The adapter suited to your microscope may be selected from the table or from Figures 6-17.

Adapter Selection Assistance

Please call (858) 679-0522 or email for assistance. In addition, we will be pleased to custom design an adapter for your microscope camera port at no charge. Your cost would be in line with the prices posted on the Adapters/Systems page under the Adapters section.






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